What to do in Santiago

What to do in Santiago

Santiago, Chile’s capital, houses approximately one third of the country’s population. An ever-growing metropolis, Santiago is the home of the main governmental and administrative buildings of the nation, and encompasses thirty seven communes. Throughout the city, you will find neighbourhoods with sparkling nightlife, restaurants, design stores, art galleries and museums with both national and international repertories. Santiago is also famous for its green areas and parks. One of them is the metropolitan park, located in Cerro San Cristobal, where you can visit the metropolitan zoo, the Immaculate Conception Sanctuary, and the city’s cable car. The wine regions of the country are also near Santiago, about a two-hour ride by car away.

The Museum of Memory and Human Rights

The Museum of Memory and Human Rights seeks to draw attention to human rights violations committed by the Chilean state between 1973 and 1990. Its mission is to allow dignity for victims and their families, stimulate reflection and debate and to promote respect and tolerance in order that these events never happen again.

For more information on The Museum of Memory and Human Rights, you can visit: https://ww3.museodelamemoria.cl/english-version/

The Centre Gabriela Mistral

The Centre Gabriela Mistral, GAM, is a cultural centre devoted to disseminate and promote performing arts and music. Among many other activities, it offers contemporary drama and dance, as well as classic and popular music a space to continuous development and experimentation. Furthermore, with an emphasis on contemporary photography and popular arts, the GAM houses a range for visual arts. Due to its high demands for transparency, variety and quality, it is orientated to generate direct encounters between artists and diverse audiences.

For more information on The Centre Gabriela Mistral, you can visit: https://www.gam.cl/somos/idioma/english/

The National Library of Chile

The National Library of Chile, founded on August 19, 1813, is one of the oldest in Latin America, and it remains as the main locus for the collection and preservation of Chile’s bibliographic heritage. During its more than two hundred years of history, the National Library has preserved works that society has considered as essential for the intellectual and cultural development of the country.

For more information on The National Library of Chile, you can visit: https://www.bibliotecanacional.gob.cl/sitio/

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