International Research Society for Children’s Literature

The International Research Society for Children’s Literature (IRSCL) is an international scholarly organization established to support and promote research in the field of children’s literature. It includes members from over forty countries worldwide

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Center for Educational Justice

The Center for Advanced Studies on Educational Justice (CJE) springs from the association and collaboration of the Pontifical University of Chile, Tarapacá University, Magallanes University, de La Frontera University, and DUOC-UC.

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Pontifical Catholic University of Chile


Faculty of Letters and Faculty of Education through the following projects:


Proyecto Anillos NDE (PIA SOC180023: The Production of the Gender Norm, 2018-2021), P.I.: Claudia Matus.


Emotional and Literary Repertoires for Childhood (Fondecyt 11180070), P.I.: Macarena García.


How radical can hope be? Generative readings of YA dystopian narratives (Fondecyt 11200236), P.I.: Andrea Casals.


Lectores y mediadores de poesía: formación docente y prácticas de lectura poética en educación media (Fondecyt 11200339), P.I.: Felipe Munita.

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O’Higgins University

O’Higgins University (UOH), founded in 2015, has taken on the instruction of individuals in consideration of their holistic growth, and their contribution to the cultural, material and social development of Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins’ region. This, through  the pedagogic, creative, associative and research oriented duties inherent to academic endeavour. The alliance between IRSCL2021 and UOH aims at decentralizing national knowledge production.


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Supporting Institutions

Regional Center for the Promotion of Books in Latin America and Caribbean


Plan Nacional de la Lectura

Plan Nacional de la Lectura’s site

Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas


Chilean Division of the International Board on Books for Young People
(IBBY Chile)


Fundación Palabra


Biblioteca Escolar Futuro


The Swedish Institute for Children’s Books


Children’s Literature, Media & Culture (Erasmus Mundus International Master)