Keynote Speakers


Valeria Sardi


Professor at La Plata National University (UNLP, in Argentina), she works as a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Research in the Institute of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences. Member of GT GLACSO “Territorialities, spiritualities and bodies” and part of the Research Network of and from Bodies; she currently directs a research project on sexed bodies, corporeal knowledges and affect focusing on pedagogical bonds and reading, writing, and orality in secondary schools. Author of Escrito en los cuerpos. Experiencias pedagógicas sexuadas (GEU, 2019), and Políticas y prácticas de lectura (Miño & Dávila, 2011), among a plethora of books and articles that approach reading and writing, gender(s)-sensitive teacher training, sexed-gendered corporealities and teaching, as well as childhoods and literature. She is also a poet and has organized free-of-charge reading workshops from a gender(ed) lens.