Online Satellite

The IRSCL2021 Online Satellite

Why have an online satellite for IRSCL2021?

The first months of 2020 have faced us with a plethora of challenges that have prompted us to rethink the 25th version of the biennial. Although we are optimistic and keen about gathering academics working in the field of children’s literature physically in 2021, we think it is both fair and necessary to acknowledge the implications of hosting an on-site only congress.

A Greener Biennial

The environmental cost of international congresses must be weighed against the urgency of raising ecological awareness in the academic community: on average, attending a conference generates an estimate of eight hundred kilograms of carbon dioxide per participant, a figure that increases heavily for international congresses. Carrying out IRSCL congresses biennially is already a good way to reduce our environmental impact, but we believe there is still room to devise greener alternatives to share our work, taking advantage of virtual spaces that have been brought to the front due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Expanding our Reach

One of the main goals behind our online satellite is to facilitate the participation of scholars who might not be able to attend on-site IRSCL2021, due to distance, health or pricing. Although the on-site biennial will feature discounted fees for IRSCL members, lower-middle income economy participants and graduate students, our aim is to break down barriers that may come in the way of intellectual exchange, both spatially and financially. The IRSCL2021 online satellite will feature the aforementioned discounted fees as well as a lower registration fare.

The orbit

The IRSCL2021 Online Satellite includes:

Access to the streaming of all keynote speakers from the on-site congress, plus access to the streaming of the online satellite’s opening keynote. Those taking part in the on-site version of the biennial will also have access to the streaming of the online satellite’s opening keynote.

Online Panels. The satellite will feature both PechaKucha and traditional online panels. Preformed panel proposals are allowed.

Access to the streaming of the IRSCL member’s meeting (on-site event). IRSCL members registered in the online satellite will have access to the streaming of the IRSCL member’s meeting, to take place on-site.

Platforms Details about the platforms for the online satellite will be posted shortly.

How to submit a proposal for the online satellite. If you wish to submit a proposal, we suggest that you take a look at our walkthrough, a step-by-step guide for our abstract submission platform.

Access to hybrid events taking place at the on-site congress. More information about the events available for those participating in the online satellite will be made available soon.


Online Satellite Details

When does the satellite start?

The online satellite for IRSCL2021 will be in orbit from October 19th through November 3rd, 2021.


We are well aware that attuning the satellite’s schedule to the widest array of timezones possible will be one of the main challenges of hosting a virtual version of the biennial. So far, we are considering hosting online panels at two different times, so as to facilitate participation. The two times we have considered are 8:00 AM and 16:00 PM (GMT-4). If you are interested in taking part in the online satellite, we would appreciate it if you could provide our organizing team with information about your timezone by filling out our timezone survey (it should not take more than a minute).


The fees for the online satellite will be announced promptly.